Monday, July 20, 2015

Digital Programs for your Classroom

  1. Newsela: A program who compiles recent news articles and creates alternative reading levels/abilities for your students
  2. Google Scholar: Research based articles of various different subjects
  3. Goanimate: Create your own cartoon here
  4. Powtoon: Similar to goanimate
  5. Storify: Compile a timeline of tweets, stories, videos, and much more. A great tool for a culmination of the year.
  6. Emaze: Program to create presentations
  7. ignite Talk: A slide show presentation creation website
  8. Popplet: A great tool create a digital web map
  9. Haiku Deck: Similar to Popplet
  10. Coggle: Similar to Popplet and Haiku Deck
  11. Peach Jar: Prepare your own homemade digital flyer
  12. Kid Blog: A blog for your students
  13. Letter Generator: A program to teach students how to write letters
  14. Easy Blogger: A blogging website
  15. Schoology: Great way to connect classrooms and organize learning


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